WILD CHILD – Book 2 – Harper + Sydney = TROUBLE


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What happens when two alpha girls are thrown together? Will Harper and Sydney become friends? Will they join forces for either good or bad? Or will they clash and become bitter enemies?

When a school dance is announced by the Principal, the girls become incredibly excited. At first, Sydney doesn’t understand their over-the-top reaction. After all, it was just a dance. But when she finds out that Elliot attends the all-boys school and that he would be at the dance, her interest is suddenly inflamed.

Brianna, her ditsy roommate, is beyond excited and terrified at the same time. Sydney calms her down and finds out that she doesn’t know how to talk to a boy. She offers to teach her how to be cool around boys and Brianna is thrilled with her kind offer. Harper thinks that Sydney has set an unrealistic and unobtainable goal. Brianna reveals that she is interested in Elliot and by looking at Harper’s reaction, it appears that Sydney may have some competition to gain Elliot’s attention at the dance.

What happens at the dance? Who will win the attention of Elliot? Will it be Brianna, Harper or Sydney? There’s only one way to find out. We know you’ll love this book.

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Katrina Kahler, Kaz Campbell