The Last Letter: … from the Diary of a Soldier



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The Last Letter is the love story of an Army officer since his school times, who did everything for the respect of his love.

One look and John fell in love with Veronica.

A love so deep that his life revolved around their promises.

From the school classrooms to cafes to the corridors of NDA and across cities, John follows the path of love, yearning for Veronica.

His aim is to become an Army Officer and marry Veronica. Veronica loves and supports him but will she wait for him?

Do circumstances keep them apart or can love bridge the distance?

The passion and ambition that drives him almost ruins him, until he realises the meaning of true love. Forgetting his passion, aim and himself in the struggle to earn respect in his own eyes, he wants to keep his promises but can he?

When did he write letters? And even if he wrote letters, why was there a last letter?

Let’s find out and go back to his school days………”

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Robin Abraham