Learn Japanese In 4 Weeks Or Less



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In this book you will find 17 highly-informative lessons that will help language learners achieve proficiency in the Japanese language in one month or less.

Many English speakers find Japanese a difficult language to learn because it is vastly different from their mother tongue. The Japanese language uses three sets of scripts for writing and phonetics. Its grammar, vocabulary, and intonation are unique. Except for the use of Chinese Kanji in its writing system, Japanese isn’t quite similar to other languages.

Japanese is not that difficult to learn. It has fewer tenses, does not require subject-verb agreement, and has relatively inflexible word order. This book provides all the important strategies and techniques you will need to overcome the language barrier and typical challenges of learning the Japanese language.

It was designed to provide a reliable resource material for learning the essentials of the Japanese language quickly and easily. It features grammar lessons, vocabulary listing, useful phrases, and other important language skills such as counting, telling time and date, and using color names. It uses a straightforward yet comprehensive approach to impart fundamental language concepts in a more interesting and fun way.

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Katasha Lee