India 2020 : For Civil Services and Other Competitive Examinations


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Falling under the Compartment of Yearbook, India 2020, is a year book with a difference. It is an excellent annual edition covering the latest happenings in India and the world. The book offers a one stop solution for the aspirants of the Civil Services and other competitive examinations offering facts meaningfully intertwined with core concepts and adequate analysis. Written by the serving Comptroller and auditor General of India, India 2020 is an authoritative text with complete information about the current Affairs of the country, which includes important dignitaries, state policy, public schemes and important data related to demographics, trade, economy and others.<Immensely reliable input for the preparation of all the three phases of the examination, The book is also a must read for various State examinations and all other competitive examinations. The 2020 edition brings with latest updates in all sections and analytical inputs on some key issues.

salient features:

✔ completely updated br>Chapter on Jammu and Kashmir with background as well as the latest updates in articles 370 and 35A

✔ current Affairs from December 2018 onwards covered month-wise

✔ quick recapitulation chart on Indian states at the back with latest updates

✔ updated br>Chapter on digital India

✔ complete section on basic General Knowledge with latest updates

✔ not only documents facts but also presents the core concepts in detail

✔ must read for all the three phases of the examination – Prelim, main and Interview.

✔ comprehensive information about Indian history, Geography, Polity, Constitution, states, international relations, foreign policy, environment, Geography, media and Communication, disaster Management etc.</br>.

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